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My Knight in Shining Armor: Man with Van Surbiton

It was in the midst of my hectic routine and the pressure of deadlines when my wife announced the fact that we needed a new house. There was nothing wrong in the house. Due to our kids’ school and her office, we had distance issues. I could not refuse her as she was working hard and at the same time managing our home perfectly. We found a perfect house in a week. It was near our workplace and kids’ school. I was anxious about the shifting as it was the last week of the month and I had a bulk of assignments to submit. My friend told me about Man with a Van Surbiton and the services they offer. At first I was a little reluctant to give them access to my personal space but soon I realized that I had no other choice.

removals serviceI hired them and the next day Man with Van Surbiton showed up right on time. I told them everything about the accessories that we need and the things that we need to off-load before moving to our new place. I was simply flabbergasted by their efficiency and their level of understanding. They were composed, unlike me, and I did not feel the need to repeat myself again as they were completely understanding me. I left for office and waited for their call as I was sure that they might need something like carton, tape or anything that I was supposed to bring. Contrary to my thinking, I did not even get a text from my wife about a single thing. When I reached home I was amazed by the view as half of the work had been done. My wife told me that they had brought everything with them.

I woke up early to arrange two vans that could take our belongings to our new home, but I forgot that Man with Van Surbiton had taken care of it. They brought three vans with them and loaded the cartons. There were different cartons for different things. It made it easier for us to identify the carton and unpack it. One of the three vans was exclusively for the crockery so that it does not break on our way. I liked their systematic working.

As soon as we reached, they started unloading the cartons and placed them safely at our new place. They were quick and efficient and did not need a lot of directions to complete the work. The work that I thought would take a month was done within a week and I was glad that they did not need my help.

It was due to their help and work that I was not behind my deadline and was able to shift to my new house. I would recommend all of you to try Man with Van Surbiton and I guarantee that you will be amazed by their work and services. You will not find any service better than this one.

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