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I started my sewing and designing profession from the comforts of my own house. Yes, I started my business in the basement of my house as the designing and sewing requires a lot of cutting. When I initially used to do this in my bedroom, my mother used to get really angry and she was right, as all the cutting used to create a lot of mess around my house. When she observed that my eternal love for the designing profession had no bounds, she finally gave up. She is a really amazing and ideal lady. Once she felt the spark of the designing talent in me, she started motivating me to pursue my dreams. It was quite amazing as I was enrolled in the graduate program as a computer scientist. However, my loving mother told me that she will support my decision if I am more interested to become a designer. The one condition that she imposed for my own good was to complete my graduation in flying colours. She wanted to see me equipped with a promising degree, in case I will require that in the future. I agreed to that. She further facilitated me by shifting my designing workshop in the basement so that I could freely create all the mess without bothering anyone else. I loved this idea as it was ideal to concentrate on my designing passion in the cool and quiet environment of the basement.

Man and vanEventually I graduated with flying colours. My entire family was excited and I was happy to see them happy. I was happier about my designing profession, as by the time I graduated, I was already quite well known for the designing that I did for some of my clients. Some of the very famous boutiques had already contacted me to work for them and it was all very flattering. Although, I had many chances to join any well known brand for the designing purpose, however, I felt the need to work on my own. I had the energy and the time to develop myself as a brand. It was wiser for me to start my own business.

When I shared my intentions with my mother, she supported my thoughts. She even offered to put in some capital amount for the start of my business and I just couldn’t thank her enough for that. After finding a good spot in the center of Barnes, it was now time for me to shift my business to the formal shop. I hired the services of Man and Van Barnes moving service to help me pack, move and then set my new workshop. The staff members of Man and Van Barnes moving service rendered a great service and completed all the tasks meticulously. I have a lot of good words to write about the meticulous services that are rendered by this moving service, but I will pay them tribute with one simple sentence, ‘You guys are The Best!

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