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Since long time, I wanted to shift in a smaller apartment but I was unable to find a proper one. I have been living in quiet a big apartment that I used to share with a friend. My friend was from Italy and we both had an amazing time together however, after completion of his degree, he went back to his home town. I tried finding any other person with whom I could share the apartment with as it was not only difficult for me to manage a large apartment on my own but the rent was too pricey for me when it wasn’t shared with anyone else. I found one lady who wanted to share the apartment but she was a drug addict and I did not want to share my living place with anyone with obnoxious habits so, I finally decided to move out of this big apartment after finding a suitable small apartment for myself.

Man and vanThe real estate agent was having troubles in finding the apartment due to my specific choice of the area where I wanted to live in. I wanted to shift to a place that is near my workplace so as to avoid unnecessary wastage of time and money on commuting. Additionally, this time I wanted to get my own apartment so as to avoid the rent. Finally, after two months search, he was able to find me an apartment that I liked as well and decided to move in.

Naturally, I had to do a lot of packing before I could shift to my new home. I was very much excited as I had finally a place of my own so with all the enthusiasm I started to pack, but it soon dawned upon me that I cannot do the packing with my hectic work schedule. The only possibility seemed to be taking holidays from work and do the task, but I didn’t want to do that either, as the annual rating cycle was fast approaching. I didn’t want to take off in this crucial time.

I happened to discuss this situation with one of my office colleagues. She advised me to hire the services of Van hire Horley moving service. I liked her idea and thankfully took the contact number of the service provider from her. I called the service provider and booked a crew of three men for the task. The rates of this service were surprisingly low with no extra charges for the weekend.

On Saturday, the team members of the House Removals Horley service arrived at my place. I shared the instructions with them. They were all very courteous and respectful. After listening to my instructions, the meticulous team members of the House Removals Horley moving service started the packing. They were really quick and completed the entire task in three hours only. It is absolutely one of the best services that I have ever encountered in my life.

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