Frequently Asked Questions


Q:- What is BeArticle.com?

Ans: BeArticle is a Premium article directory where you can submit and find articles. You can publish your articles for Premium or find content for your website, ezine, or newsletter.

Q:- Is BeArticle only available in English?
Ans: No, it isn’t. You can also find articles in Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, and Portuguese.

Q:- May I publish articles I find on BeArticle on my website?
Ans:- You may add articles to your website as long as you comply with our Terms of Use. Our TOS basically states that you must keep full author credit with all its respective links, a link to BeArticle.com, must keep the article intact (no editing) and keep all links active.

Q:- Does it cost money to submit articles to BeArticle?
Ans:- No, we do not charge for article publication or pay for submitted content. We run advertising on our site to help us keep the site running Premium of charge.

Submitting Articles

Q:- Will I receive payment for my submitted articles?
Ans:- No, at BeArticle.com we provide a Premium resource for both publishers and readers.

Q:- How long does it take to have my articles reviewed?
Ans:- Our team guarantees reviews in up to 96 hours, but in most cases we review articles within 48 hours. You will receive an email notification once your article has been approved or rejected.

Q:- How can I find where my article has been republished?
Ans:- We recommend using Google and Yahoo to search for copies of your articles. You should conduct a search in the follow format:
“title of your article” +source +BeArticle

Q:- How do I place links in my articles?
Ans:- If your enter URLs in the form of http://www.mydomain.com they will become auto linked.
If you wish to have a keyword link, you will need to use the following HTML code:
<a href=”http://www.mydomain.com”>keyword</a>

Q:- How do I change my article’s category?
Ans:- Visit Contact Us Page and send us email.

Q:- Can my article be submitted to more than one category?
Ans:- No, it cannot. Please submit each article only once. Multiple submissions of the same article will result in its removal.

Q:- How do I add a picture to my article?
Ans:- Attached your image with email when you send us article copy.

Q:- How can I remove or delete an article that I’ve submitted?
Ans:- Visit Contact Us Page and send us email.

Q:- Why was my article rejected?
Ans:- We allow only one Link , If you put to many link we will reject your article.
Or If you Publish this article on any other directory we will Reject Your Article.
We accept only unique content

Copyright Issues

Q:- I see my article on BeArticle, but I did not submit it myself. I own all the rights. What should I do?

Ans:- Please contact us and send us the link to the plagiarized article on AritclesBase, as well as your original link.

Q:- I found one of my articles republished without the proper credit or links. What should I do?

Ans:- If you have contacted them and they have not corrected the error after a few days, you can contact the site’s ISP and ask them to have the article removed.

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